The Glass Female

Hi I’m Bryony, Founder of The Glass Female, I am dedicated Confidence and Empowerment coach to HR professionals who are seeking a gateway to the life they had previously only dreamt of. 

My practice holds you in a nurturing space to help move you forward and make lasting change – my strategies will guide you on a journey to feeling empowered, equipped and totally confident.

As a Coach or a Consultant I will help you smash your goals.

I am here to help you smash the glass ceiling!

My coaching programme is the first step to help you learn and develop better ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of getting promoted or finding that new role.

Life’s too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled.

HR Specialist

I am dedicated to HR professionals who are seeking a gateway to the life they had previously only dreamt and hoped for. 

20+ years experience

Using my 20+ years experience in professional services, I am fully equipped to lean into your challenges and help you overcome them.

Passionate about your success

I have infectious energy and will not stop until you have the confidence to get the results you want.

Businesses of all sizes

I enjoy working with SMEs, start ups and flexible techs.

Have you grown from 2 to 250+ people and need some help shaping your future people needs?

My Values

Values lay the foundation for what we care about most. I work towards them, live by them and expect these behaviours to breed success in everything I do. 

I work with a small number of individuals who cannot afford coaching and/or work in voluntary roles, if this is something you would like to know more about or to go on the waiting list please get in touch. 

Connecting brilliance with
purpose & potential
Being true to myself and you
with honesty and transparency
The courage to grow and be
Working for my clients with contagious passion
Giving back locally, sharing
the love
Partnering with my clients on
their journey

How I help transform careers

The secret to getting on to the Executive Board within your business, is no secret. It is a process. 

I use three core activators to help you know and reach your goals and step into a more powerful and influential you.


Gaining clarity on your purpose can unlock your whole self, in order to change we have to be aware. Let's partner together to unleash your purpose, tap into your calling and influence your dream life. Know your why!


I work with leaders and women who are ready to show up, the shift in mindset will expand your own voice and allow you to communicate your own vision with ease. Listening to your inner voice, trusting your intuition and allowing your purpose to shine through your communication. Boss your own style.


Amplifying your voice, knowing your own value, saying YES to opportunities! I will help you find your secret sauce and be proud of it, releasing fear and unlearning beliefs that have been holding you back. Take the first step.

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