Leadership & Management Training

Leadership and management training – don’t you think it’s about time? About time of course to create great leaders, improve employee engagement, reduce turnover, and foster a more positive organisational culture. Let’s build you the strongest SLT!💪

Leadership training specifically designed, bespoke to your requirements💅

Imagine your company (got it?), no matter its size. Now imagine it at its ABSOLUTE best. Is that what it looks like right now?

With our expertise (and down-to-earth, empathetic approach💅), we can build your company into one where every team is led by individuals who inspire, motivate, and guide their colleagues with confidence and empathy. Leadership training with me is an investment, so that you can push your business to become the best version of itself, with the best leaders.

This is the transformative power of effective leadership, and investing in leadership training is the key to unlocking this potential within your organisation.

By investing in our leadership training, you’re not just making a short-term commitment; you’re investing in the future success and sustainability of your business.

How does our leadership training work?


We regularly host informal networking and retreat-style events in luxury spaces, specifically for women leaders to foster connections and collaboration in a less rigid, more informal, setting. These events provide opportunities for women to expand their professional networks, share experiences, and learn from each other. We curate panel discussions, speaker series, and interactive sessions to facilitate meaningful networking and open our own networks for attendees to leverage as they build visibility in their own leader profile.

Personal Branding🎨

We offer workshops and bespoke mentoring sessions focused on personal branding.

These leadership training sessions, either as a group or 1-2-1, provide the option to develop a strong personal brand and an understanding of what it means to own and build a leader profile.

They will learn to enhance their presence and articulate their ideas, embodying their own value proposition with confidence and gravitas.

Communication Skills🗣️

Communication is the foundation of great leadership. We build out style and finesse of communication by enhancing verbal and non-verbal communication skills, improving active listening abilities, and developing learning around how to convey ideas and thoughts with clarity and confidence. We place an emphasis on learning EQ, barriers to effective communication and self-awareness.

Emotional Agility❤️

We recognise the importance of work-life integration and overall well-being.

Our bespoke leadership programmes address topics such as stress management, time management, work-life balance, female wellness optimisation and self-care.

Health & Wellness💊

We work with a very special team of wellness experts who recognise the importance of holistic well-being in driving success. They promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being, ensuring that your leaders are equipped to maintain a personalised, healthy balance to sustain peak performance in everything they do.

We are in the business of building leaders who last.

Our Partnership🧑‍🤝‍🧑

We want to help you drive realistic and tangible change, overcoming any foreseeable obstacles together to transform the trajectory of your future leaders in a realistic and powerfully nurturing way.

We will work tirelessly to create a supportive environment for your team’s professional growth.

We understand the importance of investing in the development of leaders and are committed to helping your business unlock their full potential.

Why me?

I am that special blend of HR expertise meets holistic people intuition, I am skilled at understanding your challenges and needs quickly and discreetly🤫. I don’t just know policies and best practices, I know people. I believe HR is about empathy, nurturing and activating people into their roles, and making workplaces a brilliant place to be. As a dedicated leadership and management coach working across London and Surrey, I relish the opportunity to remove barriers and help business progress with an unbiased approach, where perhaps resources cannot meet the need or you simply do not have the experience in-house.​  With over 20 years of practical experience in leadership training in London, I now strive to help businesses in the surrounding area, like yours, reach their commercial goals🙌.

HR Specialist

I am dedicated to HR professionals who are seeking a gateway to the life they had previously only dreamt and hoped for. 

20+ years experience

Using my 20+ years experience in professional services, I am fully equipped to lean into your challenges and help you overcome them.

Passionate about your success

I have infectious energy and will not stop until you have the confidence to get the results you want.

Businesses of all sizes

I enjoy working with SMEs, start ups and flexible techs. Have you grown from 2 to 250+ people and need some help shaping your future people needs?

If you’ve found me, the chances are you have a specific people-related task that needs starting, solving or finishing. If you’re like me, you believe that providing an HR service is all about people and tech, not just policies.
I get it – the workplace can be a bit of a jungle sometimes. But don’t worry, with my passion and years of experience, I’m here to be your friendly HR consultant, guiding you through the ever-changing terrain.  No corporate jargon, just real talk and practical solutions to make your HR better. 

Leadership Coaching to believe in🙌

I believe in nurturing not just companies, but the very essence of their teams. My philosophy as an HR consultant is grounded in the understanding that a thriving workplace is one where every thread, from recruitment strategies to employee well-being, is woven seamlessly together. 


My passion is helping people move away from HR that is centred around policies and procedures; I’m about fostering a culture of collaboration, growth, and inclusivity. It’s time to see Human Resources as the heartbeat of any organisation, connecting all facets to create a harmonious and flourishing work environment. 

More coaching services

1-2-1 Career Coaching

My 1-2-1 coaching programme is specifically designed to get women ready for their next promotion. As a woman who has seen how hard it is for us to move up the ranks, it’s something I’m incredibly passionate about.

Talent Development

Raise the bar for your workforce and your industry with an expert talent development strategy, and see improvements in: employee performance, trust, discretionary effort, autonomy, confidence, and happiness!

HR Consulting

The workplace can be a bit of a jungle sometimes. I’m here to be your friendly HR consultant, guiding you through the ever-changing terrain. No corporate jargon, just real talk and practical solutions to make your HR better. 

Coaching Programmes

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Management skills training can be done in a few different ways, but we focus on , communication, relationship building, time management, and leading with transparency. From critical communication skills and problem-solving to delegation and decision-making, it’s about equipping yourself with the right tools to navigate the many challenges of leadership. Think of it as a crash course in becoming the kind of leader your team can rely on and respect.

Why bother with management training? Well, think of it like this: Would you jump into a boxing ring without learning how to throw a punch? Probably not. Similarly, managing a team without proper training is like being thrown into the deep end without knowing how to swim. Management training will provide you with the tools, techniques, and strategies to navigate the nuances of leadership – with confidence.

100% yes! (Not that we’re biased at all). But we see it work every day – as well as the fact that studies have actually shown that organisations that invest in leadership development see higher employee engagement, better team performance, and increased productivity – it also shows you as an employer are invested in your people. 

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