Coaching services

Are you tired of the same old conversations in your annual review? Do you feel frustrated and emotional about your lack of progress? Do you want a voice at the table without compromising who you are? 

We will partner on a transformational journey together – to get you ON the executive board. 

Find out more on a chemistry call or join us on the next group programme to dip your toe into what success could feel like (amazing btw)!

1-2-1 Career Coaching

My 1-2-1 coaching programme is specifically designed to get women ready for their next promotion. As a woman who has seen how hard it is for us to move up the ranks, it’s something I’m incredibly passionate about.

HR Consulting

The workplace can be a bit of a jungle sometimes. I’m here to be your friendly HR consultant, guiding you through the ever-changing terrain. No corporate jargon, just real talk and practical solutions to make your HR better. 

Talent Development

Raise the bar for your workforce and your industry with an expert talent development strategy, and see improvements in: employee performance, trust, discretionary effort, autonomy, confidence, and happiness!

Leadership Training

Leadership training specifically designed, bespoke to your requirements. From networking, personal branding, and emotional agility, to health, wellness, and partnerships, we create positive change within your organisation.

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