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Imagine a VIP experience designed exclusively for you, a female entrepreneur and founder who wants to enhance your personal branding, boost your confidence, and supercharge your visibility in the market. This intimate and exclusive session is limited to just four special female founders, ensuring personalised attention and a supportive environment.

7TH MAY – 9am – The day begins with a one-on-one coaching session with career confidence coach, Bryony Williams. Bryony will work closely with each of you to identify your unique strengths, fears, and goals. Through targeted exercises and discussions, she will help you craft a personal toolkit to get savvy with confidence – reclaiming ownership of your fears; drowning out noise, comparison and judgment to show up powerfully in your entrepreneurial journey and connect deeply with your target audience.  

Following the coaching session, a branding workshop with seasoned expert entrepeneur, Petra Gatto, will immerse you in the world of effective branding strategies. This interactive session will delve into the key elements of successful personal branding, including messaging, visual identity, and online presence. You will gain practical insights and actionable tips on how to build a powerful brand that stands out in a competitive market.

Join us at the end for a refreshing break and an opportunity to network and connect with each other, gaining a supportive community of like-minded female entrepreneurs. The small group setting ensures that everyone’s questions and concerns are addressed, and individual  attention is given to each of you and your specific challenges and goals.

By the end of this exclusive experience, you will have gained a deeper understanding of personal branding, increased confidence in your entrepreneurial journey, and developed a roadmap for effectively converting visibility into audience connection. Armed with these newfound skills and insights, you will be better equipped to navigate how visible you truly feel, making a lasting impact, and thriving as a successful female founder.

Why not extend your day and continue this exclusive experience by co-working in the beautiful surrounds of a luxurious Private Members House, a space designed for creativity and inspiration. Your VIP access includes the option to explore the house and use the space as you wish. 


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